Friday, 13 July 2012

Beardy and the Geek: An Introduction

So here we are - The Geek of Oz and The Momus Report have joined forces to discuss Australian comics. Future episodes will be released every other week, with reviews and interviews of the work of folk on this side of this ball of blue we call a planet. Our mission statement is to give a balanced view of the comic scene here, give the lads and lasses as much of a claim on your attention as others have, because local talent is worth supporting and celebrating. 

Plus have some giggles, ah sure why not. 

In this introductory preamble Ryan talks about Gestalt comics and some very special news involving an upcoming star from their stable of creators, and I discuss Jason Franks' McBlack and Darren Close's Killeroo: Gangwar.

Enjoy folks.

Available for download here.


  1. Can't wait to listen! Will future episodes be available to download? Would love to listen to this on my morning commute!

  2. How're ye! Yes we're exploring options with iTunes at the moment. Currently we're hosting shows on Open Archive, which I believe you can download the track from -

  3. Really enjoyed listening to your podcast. You two have a great banter going and are genuinely interested in the subject matter. There's nothing I hate more than downloading a podcast that turns out to be nothing more than an advert or a scripted rant by someone who obviously has no investment in the work or the history of a comic series. Also happy to see local work being treated with the respect and attention it deserves. Keep it up fellas. But you need to get a feed going so I can listen on the run.

  4. Well as it happens we have just days ago landed on iTunes, so have a listen while on the move and let us know what you think -

    Also Ryan and I are recording tonight with a very special guest. Hope you enjoy.


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